TopSmartlink is a CPA network (Cost Per Action). Such a model is widely spread on the West part of the world. The point of CPA is: an advertiser offers a payout for a specific action (as registration on a website, product download, payment for a purchase, credit applications) of a person which you brought to the website. Therefore, an advertiser gets a needed action and it is much more effective than buying clicks. Publisher gets much more payout for such actions than for clicks. This model of work is profitable for both advertisers and publishers.

You can access your account at anytime, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, using the username and password that you selected when signing up for your account. The reporting is all web based, and user-friendly for your conveinence. When logged in to you TopSmartlink account just click on the REPORTS link.

Our minimum payout is $50. For those who wish to be paid through Wire, the minimum payout is $500 due to higher processing fees. Affiliates on a Net 7 pay cycle also must reach a minimum payout of $50. Affillion currently offers 7 payment methods. Affiliates can choose to be paid via Capitalist, Check, Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney and Wire. Select the method that best suits your needs. As each method may not be equally available, feel free to contact us to check out your payment options. All commissions are paid in $USD.

To get the payment, you need to have the minimum balance. Minimum payment for: PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Capitalist - 50$ Wire - 500$ Net7 payments are paid each Monday. You can request a payment for the last week's period (Monday to Sunday). If you request a payment on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday - it will be paid next week. Note, that all payments are calculated according to Transaction tab calculations, not current statistics.

There are Four payment periods every month. The first period (from the Monday – Sunday) . Depending on your payment terms, you will be paid 7days after the last day of the payment period. Our team works hard to get your cash in your pockets as soon as possible.

1. More than one account that is created without the permission of the site administration. 2. Input from one network device to your referral-fetching and referral accounts. 3. Fraud, which brought loss to network or advertiser. 4. High percentage of actions that an advertiser has estimated as fraudulent.

PPL (Pay Per Lead, usually it's for a sign-up), Revshare (Pay Per Sale, commission in %), PPS (Pay Per Sale, fixed commission), Pin-Submit (SMS subscription).

DOI stands for Double Opt-In, which means that the user needs to verify his e-mail after he signs up. SOI stands for Single Opt-In, which means that the users only needs to enter his e-mail and that's it - no verification required. Although SOI converts better, DOI usually has higher payouts.

Leads made from the same device and IP are considered as a fraud and will be rejected. We rate traffic with a large number of such leads as low-quality traffic. Leads made from proxy servers also will be rejected, and an account may be banned. We prohibit proxy traffic, we consider it as a fraud.

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